Lockers are located in the basement and on each of the floors.

  • If you wish to use a basement locker – either opposite the mirrors, in the large open room or in the bathroom/dressing room areas – please contact the personnel in the reception on the ground floor (Campus Service Nord) to find out which lockers are available and to get a locker combination.

  • If you wish to use one of Biocenter’s other lockers, please contact the reception and/or secretaries attached to the relevant floor’s department. They will help you with locker availability and provide you with a guide for setting the combination. They will also provide you with an “occupied” (optaget) sticker which can be put on one’s locker. The guide for setting a locker combination can also be found here.

No deposit is necessary for a locker.


– please use the basement lockers


– please use the lockers on your floor