Chemical waste
The chemical waste depot is situated just outside the exit to the service yard, when exiting from the corner of buildings 1 and 2 in the cellar.

Chemical waste can be handed in on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9.00 am and 9.30 am.

Admittance to the room can only happen in the company of one of the maintenance staff.

Clinical risk waste
Yellow clinical waste containers are situated in the service yard.

These should be kept locked, both when empty and when partly or completely filled up. Most departments have received keys, but otherwise contact the maintenance staff.

Other waste
All waste disposals should be placed in the correct bins. In and around the Biocenter back yard you will find waste containers for different kinds of waste:
• ordinary combustible waste (big red indoor container)
• electronic scrab (in "Varemodtagelsen")
• glass waste
• paper waste
• scrap metal
• food waste
• cardboard waste (big red outdoor container)

If the waste is placed incorrectly, the Institute will be billed DKK 1000 extra for waste separation. For this reason, please be aware of what waste containers you use for your waste.

Feel free to contact Timothy J. Goddard in Building Operations, if in doubt.